Daring rescue for STARS

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Daring rescue for STARS

STARS was dispatched around 3:20 Friday afternoon to a remote location in Atikaki Provincial Park, a few hundred km northeast of Winnipeg, near the Ontario border. A satellite phone call had been made for help for a teenage female who was suffering a serious asthma attack.  The girl was part of a group of a dozen teens from St. Cloud, MN who were participating in a wilderness adventure program.

The scene was very challenging, as it was in the middle of the forest.   All trees and water. Ground transportation wasn’t an option, as it would have taken several hours, if not days, to get there.

We had to hover exit (crew member jumps out of the helicopter while it’s still floating in the air) one of our medical crew into the area while we searched for a suitable landing zone.  The pilots eventually put the helicopter down on a slanted rock beach that was surrounded by trees.

The patient was transported to Seven Oaks Hospital.

STARS received a lot of help from Manitoba Conservation, who dispatched a firefighting helicopter out of Bissett prior to their arrival to help locate the group,  provide STARS with updated coordinates, and circle the area to help them find it quickly. Conservation also helped them refuel the helicopter in Bissett during the return trip to Winnipeg.

Location of the scene - http://goo.gl/maps/nQ0vS




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