Human Rights Complaint Filed Against Deputy Premier

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Human Rights Complaint Filed Against Deputy Premier

Osborne House CEO Barbara Judge suggests the Human Rights complaint she’s filed against Deputy Minister Eric Robinson is yet another setback in a long-standing dispute with the Provincial government over funding.

“This just plays into how things have been for the last year. You know they told my Board of Directors as an example they are personally liabel for funding the collective agreement, and any dollars we are short in terms of running the agency, it’s the Board’s problem.”

The Human Rights complaint is over comments Robinson made in an e-mail relating to a burlesque fundraiser for Osborne House. In the e-mail he said ” On the surface it’s not a very good idea and moreover exploits an already vulnerable group in society. It also further demonstrates the ignorance of do good white people without giving it a second thought.” Judt says the comment is hateful, discriminatory, and racist.

Robinson issued this apology Friday afternoon.

“The work Osborne House does is important for our community, especially Aboriginal women who are suffering from the generational effects of discrimination and exploitation. I did not mean to offend anyone with the words I used. I still feel the event was in poor taste and could have been better thought out, given the clientele of Osborne House are women who have been exploited and victimized. Upon further reflection and discussion with the Premier, the words I chose in the moment were regrettable, and for that I apologize.”

(Photo:  Deputy Premier Eric Robinson)

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