Storm 680 – Digging Out

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Storm 680 - Digging Out

Storm 680 News Centre:

Last night’s Snow Route Parking Ban will continue tonight at midnight as truck plowing will continue to complete work on the main routes, bus routes and collector streets. As was the case last night, the ban prohibits parking on any Snow route between midnight and 7am. The ban will remain in place until snow clearing is completed. Sidewalk plowing on main routes is now underway. From there, crews will begin work on sidewalks on bus routes and collector streets.

Plows still out clearing snow and sidewalk plowing is now underway. The City’s Manager of Streets Maintenance Jim Berezowski tells 680 CJOB they’ve been held up a little bit by high winds, meaning they need to take a second pass at some regional streets. Many feeder streets are still slow going.

Spokesman Ken Allen says they haven’t decided whether or not crews will end up doing residential streets too.”We will be addressing areas of local drifting where it’s required so if people find themselves in a situation where their residential street is drifted in and people can’t get by, they need to call in to 311 and let us know and we’ll come in and open it up.” Allen says crews will start to clear snow from back lanes tomorrow morning. Allen estimates the latest plowing operation will cost at least a million dollars.   He says they’ll have a better idea, as the work is completed.

Winnipeg received 12 to 15cm of snow.  There are currently no weather watches or warnings in effect.   However while most of the snow has stopped,  the temperature is expected to plunge to -25 windchill later today.   It will remain very cold for several days.

Meanwhile, the dig-out continues in residential areas of the city, as people clear sidewalks and driveways. But Peter Johnton says he’s leaving the shovelling for when he gets home from work. “I’m getting to old for this. I need to hire somebody to go and do it. Our neighbour will probably do the most work.”

CAA Manitoba’s Liz Peters says it’s been able to make considerable headway catching up to calls for service. “We did have a period yesterday where wait times were just over an hour. We’re back down to 30 minutes. We expect however the slow drive might contribute a bit more to a delay.”  The windchill will push the temperature down near -30 tonight.


As far as the highway drive goes, Neil Gobell with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation tells CJOB there are a lot of partially covered roads.

“Visibility is reduced in areas. Lots of drifting snow due to the high winds. We’ve got the worst areas right now down in the Southeast corner south of Winnipeg as well as up in the Whiteshell where roads are pretty much covered.”

Gobell says plows are out wherever they’re needed throughout southern Manitoba.

Detailed Manitoba Highways Information




The Sunrise School Division board meeting and public budget meeting is cancelled.


-No school buses are running in the Sage Creek neighbourhood Thursday.

-All schools in that division – Louis Riel – are still open.

-There is also no shuttle bus service for Calvin Christian School in Winnipeg and Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine has cancelled bus service for many of its schools in southern Manitoba.

-All schools closed and classes cancelled Thursday in the Seine River, Sunrise Lord Selkirk, Hanover, Evergreen, Sunrise, Borderland, Interlake, Lakeshore and Red River Valley school divisions.

-Stonewall Faith Academy is closed.

-Sgt. Tommy Prince School on Brokenhead First Nation is closed, as are all schools on Sagkeeng First Nation.

-Mennonite Collegiate in Gretna is closed.

-Four Feathers Aboriginal Headstart has no school today.

-The Selkirk Onashiwin Aboriginal Program will be closed today.

-Stonewall Children’s Centre is also closed today.

-Gillis Plain Learning Centre and Beausejour Kids Centre and Dugald Daycare are also closed.

-Springfield Tiny Tots in Oakbank

-Lac Du Bonnet Children’s Centre

-Hand In Hand Daycare and Hand in Hand East Daycare are closed.

-Springfield Learning Centres in Anola and Dugald are closed.

-Tache Community Daycare is closed today.

-Fisher Branch Care-A-Lot For Tots daycare and school age program is closed.



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