MPI Lists Top Trouble Makers of 2013

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MPI Lists Top Trouble Makers of 2013

MPI is out with its top five insurance frauds of 2013 list.

#1 – Candid Camera

The top spot goes to a drunk driver from Winnipeg who collided with a moving train, resulting in the death of his passenger and friend.

The man, whose blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit, told police his friend was driving.

But, video recovered from the locomotive’s camera clearly showed his friend was the passenger.

MPI revoked the man’s Personal Injury Protection Plan benefits, saving rate payers $150,000.

#2 – Partners in Crime

In the second spot, two business men who claimed they didn’t know eachother, planned a car crash with their Jaguar and BMW.

Upon investigation, MPI determined the Jaguar was driven into the stationary BMW.

The men were later observed on a business trip together. MPI saved rate-payers nearly $50,000 in that case.

#3 – Story Didn’t Float

The third spot went to a 67-year-old Winkler man who’s story didn’t float.

He claimed someone stole his keys and filled the interior of his truck at the community water-fill station.

Court heard his approved immobilizer hadn’t been defeated. He was fined $2,500.

#4 – Rolling Into jail

In the fourth spot, the kingpin behind a huge fraud case, which began in 2005, was taken out this year.

He was ordered to pay MPI restitution of $150,000 and serve four years in jail.

More than 30 people were arrested in 2009 as part of that sting, dubbed “Project Rollback.”

It began when MPI told police about dozens of high-mileage vehicles being brought here from Ontario.

The vehicles were being sold with rolled-back odometers.

#5 – Wrong Address

The fifth case shows there’s no place like home.

A 22-year-old man who moved his home and business to Kenora kept his $1,400 Manitoba insurance.

His rate in Ontario would’ve been $12,000.

After rolling and totalling the vehicle, a loss of $24,000, he told an MPI adjustor he lived in rural Manitoba.

MPI’s investigators confirmed the man lived and operated a business in Kenora, and was paying Ontario income tax.

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