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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


To start RCR, Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis joined RCR to talk about the Police Chiefs Conference being held in Winnipeg this week. Topics including: social media, economics of policing and marijuana laws.



BREAKING = A formal proposal is being made to the Federal Government from the Police Chiefs of Canada asking to give officers the option to be able to give a ticket to those who possess under 30 grams of marijuana instead of going through the whole criminal process.



We then spoke to Murray Brewster from the Canadian Press. He is following the Prime Minister on his Northern Tour. Brewster joins us live from Hay River in the Northwest Territories. The Prime Minister announcing plans for Northern Canada.



Grand Opening of a Personal Care Home in Niverville. Health Minister Theresa Oswald joined RCR from Niverville to talk about the increase in beds and a specialized care unit for seniors and their families dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.



After 10 on RCR, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has confirmed he will ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until October, when his Conservative government will introduce the next speech from the throne. Jacques Bourbeau, Global National Ottawa Bureau Chief joined RCR.



We then spoke about the earlier news of the Police Chiefs of Canada asking to give officers the option to be able to give a ticket to those who possess less than 30 grams of marijuana instead of going through the whole criminal process.



Trends of eating local in Canada. Michael Bloom from the Conference Board of Canada joined RCR about a report out about how important eating local is to Canadians and if we actually know what “local” means.



We then took your calls on RCR about vegetable gardening. Do you garden? Does the food taste better when it’s grown at home?



After 11 on RCR, Some River Heights residents have been experienced brown, discoloured water over the past few weeks. Is this related to the recent surge in rainfall the city has experienced or outdated piping? We talk to Tim Shanks, a field service operations engineer with the city’s water services division about why this occurs and what to do.



Back to school is just a couple weeks away. More and more Canadians are spending more on school supplies, clothing and technology. An increase of over 18% from last year.





Monday, August 19, 2013



To start RCR, tracking the driving habits of those behind the wheel. Paul Andre Savoie, President and CEO of Baseline Telematics. Would you like the idea of having a tracking device that changes your insurance premiums real-time depending on how you drive?



Is it easier to find a doctor or a lawyer in Manitoba? The crunch for care, baby boomers and the wait for personal care beds and other services in our community. Dr. Anna Reid, President of the Canadian Medical Association.



Then on RCR, unrepresented litigants are clogging up our court system. Melina Buckley, President of the Canadian Bar Association. We were also joined by the CEO of the Law Society of Manitoba, Allan Fineblit.



After 10 on RCR, we talk Folklorama. Debra Zoerb, Executive Director of Folklorama and CJOB’s Geoff Currier on what they experienced and whether or not it’s that interesting. Followed by your calls on your personal Folklorama experiences.



Ontario’s police watchdog has charged a Toronto police officer with second-degree murder in the shooting death of an 18-year-old man on a streetcar. Grant McDonald, AM 640 Toronto joined RCR.



A new study is out talking about multi-tasking in school and at the workplace. You may think you are a good multitasker but is there such a thing? Faria Sana, Co-writer of the survey joined RCR.



A Michigan woman was mauled by a bear over the weekend. Dean Berezanski, a wildlife biologist with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship joined RCR to talk about bear behaviour, why bears attack and what people can do when confronted by a bear.



We then took calls on your experience with bears.






Thursday, August 15, 2013



To start RCR, we talk about slowing down when workers are present. The law needs to be changed in construction zones. Neil Murray, father of Brittany who was killed in October 2010. The driver was acquitted of serious charges because of problems with the law. Kevin Rebeck, President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour.



Wally Fletcher from Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation then joined RCR.



Also, Chris Lorenc from Manitoba Heavy Construction weighed in.



After 10, a doctor is allowed to practice after milking system with a drug addiction. He’s now clean. Darren Jorgenson, Founder & CIO Jorgenson Group of Companies.



Before 11, Jennifer Howard, Minister of Family Services and Labour joined RCR to comment on the story we had to start RCR about keeping highway workers safe.



After 11, RCR opened the phone lines. Talking all things from paying it forward to being cheap.





Wednesday, August 14, 2013


To start RCR, we talked about cell phone wars. The government and the “Big Three” cell phone providers are in argument over Verizon coming to Canada. Tech expert Carmi Levy joined RCR.



Violence in Egypt rages on. Breaking news out of Egypt. Sky News cameraman Mick Deane was shot & killed while covering violence in Cairo. Sean Mallen, Global National joined RCR as well as Jim Fergusson. Centre for Defense and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba.



Then on RCR, we talk to Stefano Grande, Downtown Winnipeg Biz regarding the debate brewing about whether or not the intersection of Portage and Main should be open to pedestrians.



Also, there have been two crashes this week at the intersection of the Perimeter Highway and Highway 330. Changes are coming to make this and other intersections much safer. Ron Weatherburn, Executive Director of Maintenance at Manitoba Transportation joined RCR.



After 10 on RCR, Richard opens the phone lines and asks whether or not you’re willing to pay to have massive projects done on the Perimeter Highway.


We then asked whether or not pedestrians should be allowed to cross Portage and Main.



A new luxury sedan service introduced at Richardson International Airport. Christine Payne, Winnipeg Airports Authority joined RCR talking about the new service.



After 11 on RCR, no link between faster drug approvals, warnings and drug withdrawals in Canada and USA. Nigel Rawson, Eastlake Research Group joined RCR.



Back to school chat on RCR. Are you a helicopter parent? Janice Biehn, Editor of Parents Canada Magazine joined RCR to talk about heading back to school and some toys to get them active in-studio.





Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


Off the top or RCR It’s the thrill of a lifetime! The Winnipeg Police Pipe Band on stage with Sir Paul McCartney last night at Investor’s Group Field. Doug Roxburgh, Pipe Major joined RCR to talk about last night’s spectacle.



We then were joined by CJOB’s Kim Lawson about an arrest in conjunction with a string of robberies in both Winnipeg and Toronto. We are also joined by Constable Victor Kwong from Toronto regarding the circumstances of the arrest. The robber was wearing a shirt that read “Winnipeg” in the majority of his robberies.



Also, Omnitrax wants to ship oil to Churchill using existing infrastructure. Barry Prentice, University of Manitoba Transport Institute joined RCR to talk about how feasible moving oil to Churchill is.



The Canadian Taxpayers Federation discovered hospital cafeterias are operating at a major loss. Colin Craig, Canadian Taxpayers Federation joined RCR about Freedom of Information obtained and should this be okay for our tax dollars



A federal judge has found that the stop-and-frisk tactics of the New York Police Department violated the constitutional rights of tens of thousands of New Yorkers, and called for a federal monitor to oversee broad reforms. Rick Linden, Criminologist at the University of Manitoba joined RCR.



Before 10, we spoke to Tracey Huckle from the Green Action Centre in response to the conversation we had with Barry Prentice about the possibility of shipping oil up north to Churchill using rail.



After 10 on RCR, According to the 2013 BMO Student Survey, Canadian students expect, on average, to graduate with $26,297 in debt and expect to pay it off in 6.4 years. Furthermore, the survey showed that students are relying less on their parents to finance their education. Laura Parsons, Personal Finance Expert, BMO Bank of Montreal joined RCR.



We then took calls on how you put your kids are going through post secondary financially.  Also, CJOB’s Dahlia Kurtz joined RCR on branding your kid.



Changes to Aeroplan. It’s possible that both TD and CIBC will be offering cards with Aeroplan rewards points starting next year if the two banks can come up with an agreement during talks. Douglas Reid, Associate Professor at Queen’s School of Business.


Health Minister Theresa Oswald joined RCR in response to Colin Craig earlier regarding hospital cafeterias losing money and your taxes subsidizing them.



After 11, Technology expert Marc Saltzman joined RCR to talk about the latest technology trends for back to school 2013 – 2014.





Monday, August 12th, 2013


Off the top of RCR, we talked about an independent audit of Senator Pamela Wallin’s expenses has found ineligible claims amounting to as much as $140,000, and that the number of those claims is in the hundreds. Terry Pedwell of the Canadian Press in Ottawa.



We then spoke to Shirley Render, Executive Director of the Western Canada Aviation Museum about the arrival in Winnipeg of a B – 17 Bomber. The B – 17 Bomber was credited with being a major impact for the Allies in World War II.



Paul McCartney is playing Investor’s Group Field tonight. Kevin Donnelly, True North Sports and Entertainment joined RCR to talk about remaining tickets, parking and transportation to IGF tonight.



Also on RCR, Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is promising to reveal design plans today for a transportation system that’s twice as fast as an airplane, cheaper than a bullet train and completely self-powered. Michael Legary, Chairman of AssentWorks joined RCR to talk about the major announcement.



After 10, we talk about STARS – The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society. Shelley MacDonald and Grant Therrien talk about their experiences with STARS and how their lives were saved. Also, Clinical Operations Manager and pilot Jason Graveline joined in-studio.



After 11 on RCR, Canada’s Ambassador to the United States Gary Doer joined RCR to talk youth programs he is supporting and the top issues in Washington right now.



Also on RCR, Dr. John Embil, Infectious Diseases Specialist joined RCR to talk about a rare disease caused by ticks and the deadly consequences they contain.






Thursday, August 8, 2013

The RCR music panel on McCartney, the BBQ and Blues Festival and the latest on the music industry.




Wednesday August 7, 2013

They had five Columbian Boas, a carpet python and a ball python.  Nothing compared with the snake that killed the two children in New Brunswick but Robert Cesmystuk of Vita Manitoba tells us about the fight against a couple that brought the snakes into the neighbourhood.

Winnipeg privacy lawyer Brian Bowman  on buying that first computer for your child or teenager.  The number of refugees seeking asylum in Canada plummets.  Winnipeg immigration lawyer Ken Zaifman joined us on the new rules.

John McCallum of the Asper School at the University of Manitoba joined us after 10 on key issues facing our economy as we have a candidate chat about personal debt.




Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The Next Sinclair Inquiry.  Brian Sinclair was a double amputee who died after waiting in the HSC Emergency Room for 34-hours.  Joining us after nine:  Lori Lamont, Chief Nursing Officer with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Sandi Mowat, President Manitoba Nurses Union on the changes already made and the attitude by staff towards Sinclair.  I am told the video evidence is quite damning.

CJOB’s Bob Irving and Jim Toth joined us at 9.30 to talk about the Bombers.  Are they as coaching staff suggested on “the cusp” of victory?

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is restricting the levels of new guarantees on how much banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders can lend.  It is now capped at $350 million dollars.  Allan Asplin, President of the Judy Lindsay Team Realty and Bill Thiessen joined us after 10.

Should the owner of the snake – an African Rock Python be charged?  Several angles on snake ownership including Leland Gordon, COO of Animal Services Winnipeg and Jeff McFarland, Owner of Aardvark Pets we had on at 10.20.  Steve Remple, Owner & Operator of Prairie Exotics joined us after 11.




Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Off the top on RCR, we opened with a quick conversation about the upcoming long weekend. Why does it remain unnamed? What sort of names is appropriate for August long? Local comedian Big Daddy Taz and Kenny Boyce from the City of Winnipeg joined RCR.


We then spoke to CJOB Sports Director Bob Irving on the future of Buck Pierce, Justin Goltz and the future of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Also, the Jets resigning their core players, financing going forward and what that team is headed for in their new division.


After 9:30, we talked about Biosolids. Private sector firms invited to submit a proposal for biosolids reuse. Duane Griffin, Head, Wastewater Planning and Project Delivery joined RCR.


We then went to Border Services Agency on an international car scam and what to watch out for. Sean Best, Canada Border Services.


Before 10, the old Canad-Inns Stadium is nearly completely destructed. A lot of the stadium is being recycled and multiple retail developments are popping up around the stadium. Bob Downs, Shindico joined RCR.


After 10, Mummy Wars. A conversation about whether or not colleagues without children work harder/better than colleagues that do have children. Richard takes your calls.


“There are people that just don’t care.” Legislation is now in effect to combat distracted driving. RCR takes calls about whether or not the new legislation will work and how commuters will combat people those that text while driving.


The Friday Panel joins RCR after 11. Miles Jones, Carolyne Braid, Kelley Robinson and Frazz Weist in-studio.





Thursday, August 1st, 2013

We started RCR talking about the announcement regarding the TransCanada pipeline. What does it mean for Manitoba and ultimately the price of gas at the pump? Dan McTeague, Tomorrow’s Gas Prices Today.

We then spoke to John Thompson, Mackenzie Institute about Edward Snowden receiving one year asylum in Russia.

The Gibson memorial is being held today in Stonewall. Tara Brousseau-Snider from the Mood Disorders Association spoke about the stigma regarding mental illness and the lack of channels people suffering can find.

It’s Technology Thursday on RCR. Talking Netflix and cell phone competition in Canada. Carmi Levy, (@carmilevy) Tech Expert shared his opinions on what the future holds for service providers in Manitoba.

Also, reporting on the status of women. Dr. Kellie Leitch, Federal Minister of Labour.

After 10, this summer, four Manitoba communities will help to solve the issues affecting Killarney Lake that is struggling terribly with large algae blooms. Rick Pauls, Mayor of Killarney, MB.

Also, a happy ending to a terrible story. The Winnipeg Humane Society is happy to announce an update on Pardner, the dog who was shot in the face last winter. The one-year-old shepherd mix came to The WHS last January after the Swan Valley Animal Protection League found him with a gunshot wound to the head. He is now finally available for adoption. Dr. Erika Anseeuw, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.

Investigation of ATM fraud at Misericordia Health Centre and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s follow-up. (To date, we have been unable to obtain a copy of the forensic audit report prepared for the Misericordia Health Centre). RCR is joined by Heidi Klaschka, Director, Communications & Information Technology Misericordia Health Centre.

After 10:30, we talk about technolody today. Winnipeg Developer Launches Proximity-Based Gaming App. There’s a new app for that. Mike DeLuca, App Developer. A proximity-based game created by Winnipeg developer Proximity Mobile has hit the app store.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are expecting Justin Goltz to start at Quarterback on Monday against the B.C. Lions. CJOB Sports Director Bob Irving joins RCR to talk about the Big Blue!

Ater 11, a response to the earlier story about Lake Killarney and other lakes in trouble. Nicole Armstrong, Director of Water Science Manitoba Conservation & Water Stewardship joins RCR.

BREAKING : A live listen in on Michelle Knight reading her victim impact statement in the sentencing hearing against kidnapper Ariel Castro.

An amber alert for a 9 year old boy that was issued this morning has been lifted. The boy has been found. RCMP Sgt. Line Karpish joins RCR to talk about the programs we have in place for Amber Alerts and what in face they are. Amber Alert Manitoba Facebook Page.