Assiniboine Ave Apt Set To Blow

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Assiniboine Ave Apt Set To Blow

It’s a situation that appears to have been moments away from devastation.

Emergency crews evacuated an apartment building on the corner of Assiniboine Avenue and Hargrave Street Tuesday morning after a complaint about the smell of gasoline.

A source tells 680 CJOB’s Natalie Geddes a man living in a basement apartment of the red brick three storey building had an eviction hearing scheduled for today (Wednesday). It took police several hours to gain access to the suite, but it was there they discovered a gasline had been ruptured and gasoline poured across the kitchen. Winnipeg Police say had it been ignited, not only the building but others around it would have been damaged as well.

A sign on the door today asks if anyone sees the tenant from #3 to call the police.

Residents in the building say they’re terrified.

“Ya. He is a very irritated, aggravated person”

Another tenant in the building say they’d been terrorized in recent months by someone cutting their cable, putting glue on door handles and rotting meat in storage lockers.

49-year old Joel Donald Calder spent seven years in jail for an attempted murder in 1991. He’s now charged with possession of incendiary material and explosives with intent to cause damage to property. He remains in custody.

(Photo of Joel Donald Calder is from 2003)


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