FEDERAL BUDGET 2015: Balanced Budget Includes Tax Break for Families
The Conservative government has delivered a balanced budget for the first time in seven years. This year's budget, presented in Ottawa Tuesday afternoon, includes a narrow $1.4 billion surplus. Part of that money comes out of a rainy day fund usually used for unpredictable events like natural disasters. Not surprisingly, in an election year, the budget includes a number of goodies for families, seniors and business. Here's some of the highlights: - Canadian families get a $4.6...


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  1. Jobs numbers … Hmm mm … one has to wonder particularly in the U.S. job stats to the accuracy of those job numbers. According to Professor of Mathematics, J. Williams of shadowstats.com , the methodology of arriving at those stats is in question. Those stats are based solely, upon “birth / death” rates. For actual full-time jobs, with good pay and benefits those supposedly job numbers fall to the wayside. 50 million Americans receiving Food Stamps and a real UNemployment rate of 100 million people, leaves the October “improved” job rate suspicious at best. The previous election results for the Senate, shows just how well the U.S. economy has performed, as far as, Democrats were concerned.

  2. Well, well, well … Another year under the “governance” of the NDP and another hugh deficit on the books. On one hand the NDP tell us, that next year Manitobans will have a promising year of investment however, on the other hand, the NDP runs up hugh deficit spending ! The NDP government is a great Government, until they run out of other people’s $ . Really; how do we as Manitobans expect to grow under immense debt loads ? Once interest rates begin to head north, Manitobans can kiss any hope of a better Manitoba good-bye !

  3. Geoff, why does anybody want to live in this city and province. The most racist in the country, now a boil advisory? Come on, really? Heading west anybody? I did and better off for it………

    See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!!!

  4. As long as, we have mixed races playing the highly emotional game of ice Hockey, there will be racial tensions. Eventually, more and more violence to each other on the ice will become by extension, all out war. It is time to re-think the entire Minor to Junior Hockey league structure.

  5. Concerning the rosy picture of Manitoba’s economy. This forecast is to be taken with a hugh grain of salt. Construction starts do not paint an honest picture of the forecasted growth of 3 %. A number of questions need to be addressed and one of them is the fact, that much of this Construction is attributed to “re-cycled” Government $ from the tax payer level, opposed to “new” money produced from the private sector. The new $ would be good news; however, pouring in re-cycled tax payer dollars is NOT positive economic growth. When one factor’s in Manitoba’s DEBT including deficit spending, the total picture outlook changes immensely.

  6. Earl Grey School Swap;
    Having lived in the area for 15 years and have worked in the Earl Grey School for a number of years. A much better idea would be to bus all the students to another school to maintain capacity. Sell off the “expensive to maintain” Earl Grey School for the Real Estate value thus, netting the School division millions of dollars. A Realtor could build homes on the existing property. Rising school taxes can be off-set by such sales and offer the not-so-full to capacity schools, a top-off in enrollment. We have too many schools where vacancy in enrollment is down, costing tax payers a small fortune to maintain plus, expensive staff Salaries and pensions.

  7. The story about the 12 year old grabbed by a white guy sounds like a lie to me. A ploy to used to shed more light on this aboriginal problem. The public isnt buying anymore of the aboriginal antics.

    • Yes, it makes you wonder eh? Seems whitey is always getting blamed and racially crapped on!! Time for whitey to move out of this city/province but — oh wait — isn’t that what #shutdownCanada & it’s supporters want?? Guess we should just stay here and fight for whitey’s rights because they have them too and the others are breaking the treaty rights!!

  8. NDP Selinger has been a poor fix for a decrepid NDP ! Selinger has failed to fit the shoes of former Premier, Gary “that’ll ” Doer ! NDP is rife with incompetence, arrogance and “we know what is good for you [public]“. This all has led to a Province seeped in DEBT and with Alberta’s Equalization payments , being eroded by falling Oil prices , Manitoba’s future does not appear to be much of a future for the people expecting one. Winnipeg is basically, a College and University town, dependent upon Government jobs for employment.

  9. Drivers responsible for hitting potholes ??? Here is another brain buster from the powers that be concerning it’s your fault, potholes. To actually hold drivers for the responsibility of avoiding potholes while at the same time watching out for vehicles around them, bicycles, regulatory signs, buses, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, school zones AND potholes is absolutely ludicrous. Potholes filled with puddles of water cannot be avoided especially when they are where your vehicle wheels have to be aligned, to stay within your lane. Auto-Pac is no longer the “cat’s meow” it used to be for Manitobans.

    • DEG … I notice, that it is far easier for people like you to attack the person opposed to the issue ! A sure sign of much lower intelligence.

  10. I can fully, understand the need for a Sexual Misconduct policy on the campus of the U of W however, I do not approve of the “tie and gag” approach concerning “free speech” being implemented within the “mix”. Universities stand for freedom of speech … open discussions and debate … no matter how philosophical those debates may be. The sharing of ideas .. bouncing off the ideal onto the listeners for regurgitation of an ideal where, the listeners too can have freedom of either, written or verbal response ! Emancipation of verbal communication is essential for people to mature by, via CHOICE. To extract from the recipe of choice, is to limit and control the diet to grow and mature thereby. WHY would we want to limit speech / opinion to a select few in our open society, so they can “do their own thing” ? Limitations on speech will eventually, do harm to all because it will set a precedence while at the same time allowing the “controllers” , who “police” the speech, to determine by THEIR standards, what is “kosher” and what is not !

  11. I think down-town resurgence is still fragile. The city is taking a risk turning down Earl’s expansion proposal. Single storey construction and surface parking will start to disappear when land prices increase and that will not happen if development is blocked.